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Rock-Ola Shuffleboard

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The Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table

A new Rock-Ola shuffleboard table is made the same way as the classic Rock-Ola tables from 1947-1948. We start with a solid wood horse collar shaped in a tear drop design with maple or optional walnut wood. These new Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables by McClure Tables features solid Made in America hard maple play surface with lifetime polymer expertly applied.

We respect the smallest details. For example McClure Tables uses real glass inlay for the green diamonds on the side of the natural maple aprons and real stainless steel metal trim. If you put this table side by side with an original antique you could not tell the difference. We custom make this in Michigan in our own factory. All Rock-Ola tables are completely custom made and are built to order.

The new Rock-Ola Shuffleboard table is available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 foot sizes. We recommend Traditional Chestnut, Deer Creek or Traditional Mahogany but as always your finish will be matched to your game room. Your order comes complete with 8 pucks and 1 can of shuffleboard wax powder. Optional additions include a traditional or electronic scoring unit in a matching finish. McClure Tables shuffleboards are built with the highest quality local materials and old world craftsmanship.

Standard Features
Rock-Ola Diamond site
Diamond glass inlay sites on the natural apron Shuffleboard side panels
Rock-Ola shuffleboard horse collar
Leather inlayed horse collar padding We use Black leather but other colors available upon request this goes on the inside of the solid wood horse colla     
Rock-Ola side cover
Stainless steel cover with Rock-Ola logo
Rock-Ola Leg Trim
Stainless steel metal trim on legs and sub frame this is exactly the same trim as the originals not plastic. Wood trim available upon request.
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table
3” Hard Rock Maple Shuffleboard Playfield
Tractional finish with lifetime warranty
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Cllimate adjusters
Climatic adjusters keeps Shuffleboard level.
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Weights
Regulation Shuffleboard Pucks included 
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Abacas wood score unit
Includes set of wood score beads with each shuffleboard table
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Shuffle Board Sweep
Includes Wooden Brush with each Shuffleboard table
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Shuffle Wax
Shuffleboard Tables come standard with one full pound can of wax
Optional Features
Rock-Ola Table Shuffle Wood Electronic Score unit
Optional Electronic over head deluxe Rock-Ola Score unit.
Rock-Ola Table Shuffle Wood Electronic Score unit
Optional Lamp Kit
Rock-Ola Table Shuffle Wood Electronic Score unit
Optional Coin Operated Storage Box

• Solid North American Maple Board 

• Made In USA 

• 3" thick 20" wide playfield 

• 100% Solid Maple cabinet 

• Tradtional finish with lifetime warranty 

• No plastic trim or laminated ends

• Includes Stainless steel pucks

• Dimension 20" wide Length is 18" shorter than cabinet

• Table 30" wide without score unit x 31" tall length is cradle size 12' = 12 foot long

• Weight 45 Pounds per foot

• Weight with Pallet 65 Pounds per foot crate weight is 250 pounds 14 foot table shipping weight 800 pounds

 • Includes wooden sweeper brush

Warranty Information

Installation Instructions

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Model shown in Custom Finish see swatch for Chestnut color
Model shown in Custom Finish for Mahogany Color see swatch
Model shown in Custom finish See swatch for Chestnut color
Note Image in Chestnut color see swatch for wood sample
Note Images in Chestnut finish see swatch for Mahogany 
We Can Custom Finish can match to your needs
We can Custom Finish can match to your needs 
We Can Custom Finish can match to your needs

Rock-Ola Shuffleboard

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Bowling Pins Setter