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Shuffleboard Table Buyer's Guide

Our "Shuffleboard Table Buyer's Guide"  contains important information that you should consider when purchasing a shuffleboard table. With the help of this guide you'll be able to spot the difference between cheap knock-offs and quality shuffleboard tables.

Please take the time to read this shuffleboard table buyer's guide for information on what to look for in a shuffleboard table. We wrote this buying guide to provide you with general information about buying a shuffleboard table. It is very easy to determine the difference in tables by looking closely at their features.  Quality shuffleboard tables will have a number of attributes, including:

Shuffleboard Table Climatic Adjusters

shuffleboard climate adjuster

The purpose of climatic adjusters is to allow for climate changes and keep the play surface from warping. A shuffleboard surface should have a slight concave to it so the pucks do not fall off the sides of the board. Because the play surface is not perfectly flat, it is necessary to occasionally adjust the board.

Shuffleboard Material

The very best wood to use for the shuffleboard surface is North American maple, a wood that only grows on the North American continent. This wood has withstood the test of time. This is the type of wood found on antique shuffleboard tables built in the mid 40’s and still in use today -- 60 years later. There are other woods that can be used that are also suitable, but maple wood is the best and it only grows in North America. All our McClure tables are made in Michigan where all the maple we use is from local sources. Many factories are located very far away from the area of the world where good maple wood grows. We use only hard rock maple the very best wood on all the McClure Shuffleboard Tables that are made in our own factory.

Shuffleboard Playing Surface Finish

The finish of the table board is also very important and with the technology available today we have developed a finish that will allow us to put a lifetime warranty on a traditional board finish. We still offer the polymer poured epoxy finish for those who prefer or when ordered with custom logo or graphic decals on the board surfaces. See our video here to find out more about the traditional Shuffleboard Table finish

Shuffleboard Glue Design

All our McClure table boards are made in our own factory in Michigan. We do not source out the process or buy finished boards from anyone else. Below is a video taken in our factory during the board glue up process.

All professional tables will be made with a full 20 inch wide surface that is 3 inches thick. Some boards like our Competitor still give the same professional feel as we make this board 2" thick and 18" wide. On more economical tables you will find the play surface is only 15 to 16" wide. This will still give you a professional play game and have all the same items listed above in a quality game. Usually you have smaller pucks to compensate for the slightly more narrow board play surface

Shuffleboard Cabinet Design

Cabinet selection is where you can afford to sacrifice to meet your budget. The best cabinets are made of solid hard woods and many have veneer panels. Look at the thickness of the cabinet cross supports and over all appearance. This is mostly a furniture preference and if you feel you cannot afford solid wood, a good quality laminated cabinet will not affect the play of the game. If you are considering two models at a similar price and the choice is solid wood or veneer then you should choose the solid wood. A veneer is a thin layer of real wood put over a surface like MDF, plywood or particleboard. A laminate is a plastic material similar to what is used on kitchen counter tops. You will often see this called something like micro laminated but basically it is a simulated wood grain on paper that is glued on a fiber board or MDF panel. All McClure tables use either solid wood cabinets or in the case of an entry level competitor model, we use plywood with a real wood veneer. All the Adroit tables use a wood veneer over MDF panels. We do not carry tables with PVC or plastic simulated wood grain often call Micro laminated cabinets. 


These are the most important things about what to look for in shuffleboard. Keep in mind that the most important component is the playing surface. It is easy to make a cabinet. The play surface is what separates a professional game from a toy. We hope you have found this shuffleboard table buying guide helpful.