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The Prestige Shuffleboard Table is made using a traditional design, and we build each quality Prestige shuffleboard table using hard maple and walnut horse collar and wood trim.  The play surface is crafted from 100% solid North American hard maple. 

All shuffleboard play surfaces are finished with a special formulated traditional finish that has a complete lifetime warranty. The Texan shuffleboard table is available in 14,16,18 and 22 foot sizes. Your order comes complete with 8 pucks and 1 can of shuffleboard wax powder. Prestige models on the Reserve site include a traditional electronic scoring unit in a matching finish. McClure Tables shuffleboards are built with the highest quality local materials and old world craftsmanship. Each Texan table is  Made in America at our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility.

14 Foot Prestige Shuffleboard Table
Regular Price: $9,180.00
In Stock Savings: $6,995.00
16 Foot Prestige Shuffleboard Table
Regular Price: $9,580.00
In Stock Wholesale Price: $7,195.00