9' Ponderosa Oak Shuffleboard Table

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Medium Oak
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Price: $7,085.00
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9 Foot Ponderosa Oak Shuffleboard Table

Are you looking to add some rustic charm to your game room, man cave, or lodge? Then our Ponderosa oak shuffleboard table is just what you're searching for. Each one of our Ponderosa oak shuffleboard tables is handcrafted and built to order at our Grand Rapids, MI facility. At the start of every build, one of our master craftsmen hand selects the wood that will be used to construct your table. From start to finish, this same master craftsman will personally handcraft every element of your new Ponderosa shuffleboard table.

Every Ponderosa oak shuffleboard table is custom made to fit your order. The cabinet of the Ponderosa is handcrafted using your choice of either the finest locally harvest red oak or premium North American white oak. During the cabinet construction, our master craftsman will distress or antique the wood in order to enhance the overall rustic and rugged aesthetic of the finished product. The legs of the Ponderosa table are lodge style and made using solid wood for exceptional strength, beauty, and style.

Our Ponderosa shuffleboard table is available in a variety of finishes, including Medium Oak, Natural Oak, and Provincial Oak. We can also custom finish your new shuffleboard table to complement the specific decor of your home, cabin, or restaurant.

Each Ponderosa also features a 20" wide and 3" thick playing surface that is made from the high-quality North American hard maple. The playing surface is sealed with a specially formulated finish that has a lifetime warranty. Every Ponderosa table comes with 8 shuffleboard pucks and 1 can of wax. There are also several additional features you may purchase for your Ponderosa oak shuffleboard table during the checkout process, including dining tops, electronic scoreboards, and table covers.

How difficult is it to set up a shuffleboard table?
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All McClure Shuffleboard Tables are hand crafted with pride in Grand Rapids Michigan. These are not factory produced Shuffleboard Tables. Shuffleboard Table handcrafted

Standard Features
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table
3” Thick 20" wide Hard Rock Maple Shuffleboard Play-field Traditional finish with lifetime warranty
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Cllimate adjusters
Climatic adjusters keeps Shuffleboard level.
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Weights
Shuffleboard Pucks included
Tournament 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Shuffle Wax
Shuffleboard Tables come standard with one full pound can of wax
Optional Features
Optional Score Beads Add to cart at check out 
Optional small Electronic matching wood score unit to keep score of your shuffleboard games. With remote control buttons on each end of the cradle with wire harness to each end of cabinet choose small w/remote for this option

Add to Cart at Checkout 
Optional Rail mount score unit with Table Choose these options at checkout you will get discounted prices if bought with table 

Add to Cart at Checkout 

Guaranteed Handcrafted

All of our shuffleboard tables are guaranteed to be 100% handcrafted and American Made. We source North American Hard Rock Maple wood from forests right here in Michigan. Our playboards and cabinets are handcrafted in our woodshop by American workers.

200% Apples-to-Apples Price-back Guarantee

We won’t upcharge you to cover the costs for marketing companies, local distributors, or retailers because we don’t have a retail mark up or MAP pricing. There are no middlemen so the quality of workmanship and dignity of the craftsmanship are preserved. If you can find a table like our model, with the same materials and quality of workmanship, anywhere else in the world at a lower price then we’ll refund your purchase 200%

The Craftsmen Promise

At McClure Tables, we’re obsessed with quality and craftsmanship. That means we don’t cut corners. Every McClure Reserve table has the exact same Hard Rock maple playboard that all our McClure one-of-a-kind original custom tables use. The playboards have the same traditional piano finish that comes with a lifetime warranty (not the cheap softwoods and plastic poured epoxy finish that virtually all other shuffleboard factories use). All our factory-produced cabinets use a two part spray Polyurethane finish, same as our custom tables. McClure Reserve Shuffleboard cabinets are comprised Hard Maple or other softer hardwood like Tulipwood [poplar], alder, or soft maple which are all classified as Select or better. We use a factory-like crafting process to make 10-30 pieces at a time. You’re still receiving the same craftsmanship, same cabinet finish, and same quality playboard as our one at a time custom models.

Lifetime Warranty

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