12' Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table

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12 Foot Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table

Each one of McClure’s Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables is custom made using the same techniques as the classic Rock-Ola tables that were only built from 1948 to 1950. While the original Rock-Olas were made using Poplar, our Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables are handcrafted using premium North American maple for enhanced beauty, strength, and stability. Every Rock-Ola shuffleboard also features a 20" wide and 3" thick hard maple playing surface that is sealed with a specially formulated finish that has a lifetime warranty.

To ensure the quality and authenticity of your new Rock-Ola shuffleboard table, each table is built by the same master craftsman from start to finish. Between selecting the best wood for grain consistency, hand shaping the solid wood horse collar into the perfect teardrop design, inlaying the signature green diamonds made from hand cut glass, and numbering and hand stamping the play board with "Do Not Drop Wates On Board", our craftsman will meticulously go over every detail of your Rock-Ola shuffleboard table to ensure it matches the original model. Each Rock-Ola table it built to order and requires more than 80 hours of work for our master craftsmen to complete.

When it comes to style and quality, no table can rival our Rock-Ola shuffleboard table. Made using the finest locally harvested materials and old world craftsmanship, the Rock-Ola is truly the Rolls-Royce of shuffleboard tables. All Rock-Ola tables are custom made and available in a variety of finishes including Mahogany, Chestnut, and Deer Creek. Because each table is built to order, we can also custom finish your Rock-Ola to match your decor but additional charges may apply.

Every Rock-Ola table comes with 8 pucks and 1 can of shuffleboard wax. We also have several optional features you may purchase during the check out process, including traditional and electronic score units.

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All McClure Shuffleboard Tables are hand crafted with pride in Grand Rapids Michigan. These are not factory produced Shuffleboard Tables. Shuffleboard Table handcrafted

Standard Features
Rock-Ola Diamond site
Diamond glass inlay sites on the natural hard select maple apron Shuffleboard side panels
Rock-Ola shuffleboard horse collar
Leather inlayed horse collar padding We use Black leather but other colors available upon request this goes on the inside of the solid wood horse colla     
Rock-Ola side cover
Stainless steel cover with Rock-Ola trademark logo
Rock-Ola Leg Trim
Stainless steel metal trim on legs and sub frame this is exactly the same trim as the originals not plastic. Wood trim available upon request.
Rock Ola 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table
3” Hard Rock Maple Shuffleboard Play-field with a protective coating Traditional finish with lifetime warranty. Each Rock Ola board is stamped and serialized just like the original boards Rock Ola made in 1948 and 1949
Rock Ola  12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Cllimate adjusters
Climatic adjusters keeps Shuffleboard level. These are attached at the factory and pre adjusted for the board to be set for the proper curve to the plank. 
Rock Ola 12 foot Chestnut Shuffleboard Table Weights
Regulation Shuffleboard Pucks included 
Rock Ola Shuffleboard Table Shuffle Wax
Shuffleboard Tables come standard with one full pound can of wax
Optional Features
Rock-Ola Table Shuffle Wood Electronic Score unit
Optional Electronic over head deluxe Rock-Ola Score unit.
Rock-Ola Table Shuffle Wood Electronic Score unit
Optional Lamp Kit