Pro Weights Stainless Steel Pucks with Deluxe Aluminum Caps

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Shuffleboard Weights 2 5/16" Professional Puck set Stainless Steel with deluxe aluminum anodized caps

These McClure Professional Shuffleboard Pucks or Weights that are made with a harden stainless steel and heat treated for strength. They are then polished to a beautiful finish. Regulation size 2 5/16" professional shuffleboard Pucks.Each puck is balanced and the weight is plus or minus 3 grams variance from each weight in a set.  These are a very fast puck with special bottom made for speed Pro pucks come in .05 to 2.0 range on the bottoms. These are 2.0 they may vibrate slightly down the board. Do not purchase if you want or expect a flat smooth bottom puck. The caps are a beautiful turned aluminum anodized screw on deluxe cap with finger impressions on the top and knurled edges. This puck meets TSA standard requirements for weight, size and specs for official tournament play. These pucks are not plated as with plated pucks it is impossible to control the exact thickness or amount of material applied during the plating process. You will find most professional pucks have a weight tolerance range of 6-10 grams these weights all will be within 2-3 grams of each other throughout the set. 

2.0 Bottoms for a very slow playing board. 
  • 2.3125 Tournament Regulation Diameter 
  • .75 Tournament Regulation Height
  • 335-345 Grams with Caps Tournament Regulation Weight
  • Aluminum Anodized Caps with Finger impressions
  • Knurled Sides in hard Blue and Red anodized colors