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shuffleboard supplies

Shuffleboard supplies are available on this page for your shuffleboard table. Here, we sell items that help maintain your shuffleboard table and maximize your game play experience. These products include shuffle board wax, which we specially formulate just for our own shuffleboard equipment. McClure’s professional grade waxes come in formulations that are tailored to your specific-sized table. You can also use our silicone spray on the table surface, which will allow for faster play.

        Shuffleboard Accessories Shuffleboard Wax           Shuffleboard Accessories Shuffleboard Silicone

     Shuffleboard Play-Fields                              Shuffleboard Wax                                                       Silicone    

In addition to waxes and silicone spray, we also sell shuffle/p>board covers to protect your table when it is not in use. Use our Shuffleboard Wipe Sweep to sweep the dust off the shuffleboard wax. Proper maintenance will keep your shuffleboard equipment in top shape, making each game as exciting as the last. Our shuffleboard supplies will help keep your shuffleboard equipment in great condition for years to come and maybe even a lifetime. Mix and match items to design your own custom supply kit at a discount. For orders over $70, shipping is free for all shuffleboard