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Frequently Asked Shuffleboard Table Questions


Is there a cost for Shipping?

Answer: Free shipping on all orders over $70 within Continental United States.

What does free shipping on Shuffleboard Tables include?

Answer: Included with every handcrafted McClure Shuffleboard Table is free curbside shipping. McClure Tables offers home delivery service for their shuffleboard table at check out and prices vary by shuffleboard table model, size and up or down stairs delivery.
You can read more about what is included with free shipping on Shuffleboard Tables here.

Shipping Timeline?

Answer: Accessory products are generally shipped within one business day. Please allow up to five business days transit time thereafter. All prices for accessory products include shipping via UPS Ground within the continental United States , and are based on payment by credit card.

more information on shipping Shuffleboards can be found here

How is the Shuffleboard Table packaged?

Answer: On all but the shortest tables the playing surfaces and the cabinets are packed separately. They are then, however, shipped together. The play-board the pucks slide down is hand crated. Even here, we use materials superior to those used on the actual tables of many of our competitors. We encourage you to use these materials for whatever side projects you might be working on.

Information on how we pack the Shuffleboard Tables can be found here

Setup and Installation

Is the Shuffleboard Table hard to setup?

Answer: Installation is very simple. Each Shuffleboard Table has its own set of installation instructions located on each of the product pages below the description.

More information on how to setup and install a Shuffleboard table can be found here.

Will you setup and install the Shuffleboard Table for me?

Answer: Yes! If you would like your Shuffleboard Table installed and setup for you we do offer this service as well. 
Set Up and Delivery Ground Floor 9-16 Foot Shuffleboard Table click here

Set Up & Delivery Up or Down Stairs 9-16 Foot Shuffleboard Table click here


Answer: You can put a shuffleboard in a covered sunroom you may see a little shift in the board shape or convex and concave with the change of seasons but nothing a small adjustment in the climate adjusters will not fix. The main purpose of climate adjusters is to set the board to the way you want it to play. For most people inside a climate controlled home with AC or heat once your board is set it should remain pretty constant if you get wider swings in a sun porch you may have to in the more humid summers take some tension off the adjusters in the winter dry climate you may need to increase the tension. We do not currently make an outdoor table

Im worried about getting the shuffle board down our basement steps. The path down the stairs has a landing an then another set of steps. Do the tables come in two pieces when they are shipped? Or if they are one piece, do you think it can make a standard turn. The home was built in 1999? Let me know when you can.

Answer: We can build one in two pieces. We also have videos above that have more information on moving them.

Quality and Craftsmanship

What makes McClure Shuffleboard Tables the best?

Answer: McClure’s craftsmen cut, carve, fit and finish each piece by hand, with a sense of pride. We put our name on our tables. We make our tables with the finest hardwoods. Hard rock maple for our playing boards and cabinets made from maple, cherry, walnut and other top shelf woods. We use a 1 1/2 inch thick rock maple leg post. And then we crate the tables ourselves (often with better wood than you will find on imported and factory tables) and ship them to you directly from the shop.

Learn more about McClure Tables Shuffleboard Quality and Craftsmanship here.

What types of wood do you use?

Answer: We use only the hardest wood locally sourced. Here is more about types of wood.

Would it be possible to get the Texan without the star emblems on the side?

Answer: Yes you can order without the stars, we have much lower price on the net site as we make in production runs, if we schedule standard model with no changes we can put into a normal production run give you the net pricing and still get without the stars. We are not sure we are going to leave the stars on the model anyway.

General Shuffleboard Table Questions

How much does a Shuffleboard Table weight?

Answer: Depending on thickness of a 14' board, 2" or 3" it can be around 400 to 500 lbs. The cabinet itself is around 300 to 400 lbs. A 2" board with cabinet is generally 650-800 lbs. A 3" board with cabinet is around 800-1200 lbs. Weight can vary depending on the total length of board and/or table.

In the 60’s the shuffleboard tables in the pool halls had built in bumpers so you could bank the pucks for better placement. do you make this type or know who does?

Answer: Yes we have made these and can do other custom shuffleboard tables, lets us know what you want.

I wonder if we can stop in and look at your boards what hours are you open?

Answer: Yes we do have a showroom normal hours are Mon-Thursday but can open by appointment call 844-579-2922

Is it possible to just purchase the maple playing surface. I would like to see if it’s an option as I may build my own table aside from the playing surface.

Answer: Yes,All you want to know about buyng the right Shuffleboard Table.

How long is the warranty?

Warranty information on McClure Shuffleboard Tables can be found here

What is your Return Policy?

Answer: No orders will be shipped until fully paid for. Any order which is canceled prior to shipping will be issued a full refund only if the credit card has not been charged yet. Once the card has been charged it's subject to a minimum $25 cancellation fee or 10% of the order whichever amount is greater.

More information can be found on our Shuffleboard Return Policy here

6. Clean and Wax your Shuffleboard Table

How do I clean and wax a Shuffleboard Table?

Answer: If you’ve never learned how to wax a shuffleboard table, you’ve probably noticed some inconsistencies in your ability to throw a puck. Think back. You’ve just slid the perfect shot, it’s destined to be a hanger and then all of the sudden… The weight’s momentum dies. Stops. Halts. Fineto. To keep your game flowing like a pro, you’ve got to treat your table like a pro.

Read more about cleaning and waxing your Shuffleboard Table here.

Learn more about How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table for Game Play

What is the difference between the brown powder and yellow powder?

Answer: The Brown powder is always a little faster and does not break down in speed as rapidly. The base however of brown is made with crushed nuts so if any allergies to nuts in the family stick to yellow wax.

After the initial application you have clumpings and areas of wax powder buildup – and dead spots….

What is the best way of re-treating the surface? Does one brush off the surface so that it is clean? Then apply a fresh silicone spray and more wax?
Do you clear the wax at all – or just apply more?
Silicone spray while wax is on the table?

Answer: You should sweep off with a board sweep between games

What causes the puck to (plow) the wax? I have sun glo pucks that may be worn a little.. They have black spots of wear showing in center of puck playing surface.

Answer: Sounds like your pucks are worn, also can be you have too much wax on the table, do you sweep the board clean between games? Also different waxes are better. we do make our own wax and think it is some of the best in the business you can try some here

How do you stop the puck from plowing the wax?

Answer: It has to do with the combination of the puck, perhaps yours are too flat, or often you have too much wax on the table. Most people don’t know you play one game then sweep off all the powder and apply a fresh new coat. The pucks tend to plow less on a light coat of wax.

After we play about 3 games, the puck starts to plow. Do I need to remove all the wax and reapply silicone? The only thing from your video I haven’t done was buff after I apply the silicone.

Answer: The pucks plow because of tracking, do you have a board sweep? You need to wipe off all the powder and start with a fresh clean board sprinkle on a lite coat of wax, once it gets piled up starts to plow.

Handmade in Michigan

McClure Tables proudly features an amazing collection of unique shuffleboard table models in addition to faithful reproductions of the famous Rock-Ola tables built in 1947 and 1948. All McClure shuffleboard tables are handcrafted in our 30,000 square foot facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Once known as the furniture capital of America, Grand Rapids has a rich history of fine woodworking craftsmanship. This history of excellence goes into every shuffleboard table we build, refinish, or repair. Each and every shuffleboard table is crafted by hand, finished, and closely inspected by our team of highly skilled and dedicated woodworking artisans. To provide the highest quality and beauty, all McClure shuffleboard playing surfaces are made with hand-selected, premium-grade cuts of Michigan hard maple. Coated with an ultra-durable finish, the McClure standard ensures your shuffleboard table will stand up to decades of exciting game-play.